Picture of McKenna Children’s Museum.The McKenna Children’s Museum invites children and parents of all ages to come and enjoy their exhibits. The kid-friendly exhibits are interactive, focusing on space, culture, and technology in colorful environs. Whether it’s a rainy day or you just want to find something fun that your children will enjoy, McKenna Children’s Museum is a unique way to spend an afternoon! Located near River City Resorts, this unique learning environment is bursting with fun, where families can see, touch, smell, and taste in an atmosphere designed to build healthy young minds and wholesome bodies. To learn more about what this museum has to offer, continue reading!

McKenna Children’s Museum

When you bring your children to this museum, you’re bringing them to an environment that is designed to stimulate your child’s natural desire to learn. Activities offered at the museum will enhance creativity using all of their senses, and your kids will find a new and exciting experience around every corner! Below you can learn more about the many exhibits offered at McKenna Children’s Museum.

  1. The Aquarium: There are a variety of colorful fish, turtles, and small alligators for children to see at the aquarium exhibit. Your kids will have a blast watching these aquatic critters wiggle around and swim.
  2. Wonder Shop: Kids can get creative when they visit the Wonder Shop. This little art studio is stocked with painting and drawing supplies and features art instruction and open creative and interactive space for children to get creative.
  3. Lend-A-Hand Ranch: At this exhibit, you can find a simulated Texas ranch. Ride the horses, explore the Rowdy Ranch House, and play on the Texas longhorn. This simulation will make your kids feel like they’re out in the heart of Texas!
  4. Destination Space: This space exhibit allows your children to take command of a space module and flying saucer, where they can learn plenty about space travel and the science behind it.
  5. Kids Clinic: When you head to the Kids Clinic, you’ll find a hands-on hospital where your children can learn about the different aspects of healthcare. With a nursery, operating room, and an ambulance with flashing lights, your kids will have a great time playing doctor and learning what it’s all about. 


There are plenty of other exhibits than the five listed above, which will all give your children the opportunity to learn about many other important topics and careers while having a blast! To view the full list of exhibits, visit the McKenna Children’s Museum’s exhibits page.

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