Picture of person tubing on the Comal River.The Comal River in New Braunfels, TX, is legendary. One of the things that the Comal River is known for is tubing and floating down the river. Take a break from the lazy rivers you’ll find at the pool, and experience an all-natural lazy river experience. One of the great things about your getaway to River City Resorts is that we provide custom innertubes with no bottoms. You can retrieve your inner tube from the warehouse and return it on the day you leave. We also have a delivery option available for a small fee. However, there are other companies throughout New Braunfels have everything you need to enjoy an amazing afternoon floating down the river and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Best Tubing on the Comal River

There are several companies in New Braunfels that are ready to bring you on your Comal River tubing experience. These companies are all nearby River City Resorts, so you don’t have to travel far to have a fun-filled afternoon or relax after your day in the river. Below you’ll find some of the tubing companies in New Braunfels.

444 Tubing Company

444 Tubing Company is one of the most popular tubing companies in New Braunfels. To avoid lines and waiting time, arrive early on the weekends. With direct river access, tubes, and all of the supplies you’ll need for the afternoon, 444 Tubing Company is ready to bring you on an adventure.

Rockin’ R

Rockin’ R has been taking tubers down the river for over 19 years. On the two-hour float you’ll see some critters that reside in the river, like turtles. The service and staff at Rockin’ R are exceptional, as they provide everything you need for a successful float trip down Comal River.

Comal Tubes

Comal Tubes has a shuttle that will bring you right down to the river entrance where you’ll begin your float down the river. If you forgot to bring something for your day on the river, the Comal Tubes Gift Shop has you covered, as they sell everything you could ever need, like water guns, snacks, sunscreen, towels, and much more.

New Braunfels Vacation Rentals: River City Resorts

River City Resorts is the perfect place to stay on your next vacation to New Braunfels. After your afternoon on the river, you’ll want to come back to our resort and relax. River City Resorts’ prime location makes it just a few minutes away from all of the local shops, boutiques and restaurants, and all things to do while in New Braunfels. Our luxury condos and homes will be your new favorite place to come get away for a weekend. Call us today at 830-626-2196 to reserve your room!