A chicken-fried steak dish is pictured, cooked in a Comal River rental from River City Resorts.

Food is a wonderful way to connect with any vacation destination. This summer, journey to the charming oasis of New Braunfels, nestled between San Antonio and Austin! You will be surrounded by a vibrant food scene, offering up whatever you’ve got a-hankerin’ for. There’s truly no shortage of good eats, from authentic German cuisine to good old Texas barbeque. 

New Braunfels is a phenomenal place to spend summers as a family, staying in a comfortable Comal River rental provided by River City Resorts. We’ve got houses and condos near all the action and attractions of the area. Our stellar places to stay on the Comal River all feature private access to the river, where you can float all your daily worries away! Before (or after) embarking on a Comal River adventure, whip up these five delicious recipes that are simple enough for vacation rental cooking. 

Stress-Free Summer Cooking in Your Comal River Rental 

1. German Pancakes

Start your mornings off right with these delicious German Pancakes! New Braunfels has a rich German heritage, founded in 1845 by a German prince. You can embrace our city’s Texas German roots by creating this fluffy meal. All you need is six ingredients, five minutes, and a metal or cast iron pan. For an authentic approach, we recommend bringing along your own Dutch oven. 

2. Texas Ranch Water

Originally a staple of West Texas, this refreshing cocktail is perfect for summer nights on your Comal River rental’s patio or balcony. It utilizes zesty summer citrus fruits, making it popular throughout the whole state. Tequila is the only spirit found in this drink, coupled with lime juice and soda water. You and yours will be surprised by how simple this cocktail is! Create a kid-friendly version by leaving out the alcohol and subbing in flavored soda. 

3. Grilled Fruit

No trip to Texas is complete without at least one barbequed dish! We wanted to introduce a unique take on grilling: grilled fruit. Take advantage of your rental’s common area grills and BBQ pits, cooking up this juicy meal. Grilled fruit is perfect as a snack or appetizer. Your little ones will love this sweet and healthy snack. Serve it up with a dollop of whipped cream or some ice cream. There’s no better summer treat! 

4. Chicken Fried Steak

This Southern classic may seem intimidating, but we guarantee you’ll have little trouble following this helpful recipe. Who doesn’t like tender breaded cutlets, paired with creamy mashed potatoes and gravy? This particular dinner recipe only takes 40 minutes to prepare and cook, making it ideal for family meals. You can get the whole family involved in the cooking process. Dad’s on steak pounding duty. Mom’s got the gravy covered, and the kids can create their own sides! 

5. Texas Sheet Cake

The origins of this decadent chocolate cake are always up for debate, but we know one thing’s true: this cake is outstanding! If you are traveling with a large group, Texas Sheet Cakes are great for satisfying everyone. Just grab a sheet pan, preheat your oven, and you’re pretty much good to go. The end result will be a thin sheet cake, the size of Texas, with an even thinner layer of war, chocolate icing. Got leftovers? You can easily store the cake in your rental’s fridge. 

Check Out Our Comal River Rentals for Your Summer Travels

We know you can’t wait to create these simple recipes this summer in your Comal River rental from River City Resorts. You and yours will be impressed with our great selection of New Braunfels vacation houses and condo rentals. This summer, place yourself in the middle of all the action and book your stay with us online today!